Bengal Multi Colour Rainbow Container 7 Pieces Set


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  • 7 Pieces container set.
  • Multi colour containers set.
  • Containers Size are 1=0.095 L, 2=0.25L, 3=0.55L, 4=1L, 5=1.65L, 6=2.7L, 7=4.2L.
  • Food grade Product.
  • Made By virgin material.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to storage.
  • Longevity and heavy duty product.
  • Our freezer Storage Box is microwave-safe.
  • This container set has a sturdy.
  • Solid construction and snug lids to make sure.
  • Your food stays in the plastic storage containers.
  • NO NASTY SURPRISE SPILLS in your meal prep lunch box, on car seats, your clothes or anywhere else.
  • BPA Free product.
  • Freeze able product.
  • Micro oven safe.
  • Stainre resistant.
  • You’ll also have more than enough to send food home with guests & not worry if the kids leave one at school.
  • Treat them as disposable containers with lids!


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